Embassy Trade-Fairs

Provide a complete program for groups of foreign high-technology companies vetted through their respective Embassy that meet with a complimentary group of U.S.-based high-technology companies to network, gain visibility in the U.S., and to learn about U.S. soft-landing support services offered through the Mason Enterprise Center.

Soft-Landing Services

Assist successful foreign companies establish a presence in the U.S. and forge business partnerships with companies in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. Consulting services include market research, industry analysis, local custom acclimation, strategic alliance, business logistics, and networking.

Business Development Support

Provide fee-based support for foreign company business development in the U.S..

Joint Research and Product Development

Partner with selected foreign companies and countries in joint research and development with focus on establishment of new intellectual property for the purpose of commercialization.

Applied/Translational Research Grant and Contracting Collaboration

Work with foreign companies and countries to identify opportunities for collaboration on applied and translational research leading to product development for a pre-determined application. Funding would be jointly pursued through sector-specific grants and through contract engagement.


Through Mason Enterprise Center’s pool of skilled business assistance experts, international companies are supported to meet and exceed their established business goals and objectives. Companies and universities will receive support on commercialization of intellectual property. Central and local governments will benefit from assistance in the establishment of effective small and medium-sized business accelerators and incubators to stimulate and expand their economy through the creation of new jobs and the retention of existing jobs.

  • Supported sectors include accelerators, incubators, IP commercialization, U.S. patent and trademark process.
  • Consulting services include office space, market research, industry analysis, strategic alliance, business logistics, and networking.

World Incubator Network (WIN)

As a founding member of the WIN, the Mason Enterprise Center collaborates with leading university-based science and research parks around the world to promote intellectual property commercialization. Work is undertaken to form partnerships, hold global seminars and conferences on timely topics, as well as to support foreign company formation and growth.

U.S. Export and Foreign Market Penetration Assistance

The Mason Enterprise Center assists U.S. companies to successfully penetrate targeted foreign markets.

Training and Internship Programs

Establish and conduct custom business, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership training programs for business executives, entrepreneurs, university students, and government officials. Typical training programs run from one day to one week with a combination of high-level presentation, lecture, networking, and site tours. Some training programs are followed by hands-on internship programs working at and with local businesses in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region.

Foreign Delegation Presentations

The Mason Enterprise Center hosts foreign businesses, entrepreneurs, governments, and academic delegations providing informational sessions on university-driven business assistance programs. Over the past several years, many delegations have participated from countries across the globe – China, Brazil, Korea, Australia, UK, Germany, India, Russia, and Malaysia.


Mr. Keith B. Segerson
Assistant Vice President, Economic Development
& Executive Director, Mason Enterprise Center Network
703-277-7700 – main office number